Paper Origami Cockroach and Motor




Introduction: Paper Origami Cockroach and Motor

Here you will learn how to add a motor to your paper origami cockroach to make it buzz and hiss and whirl around!

Step 1: Test Your Paper Origami Skills

Take a look at this tutorial for information on how to make a paper roach, or cicada. Since we will be using one final piece of paper, practice your folding on a scrap first. This will also help you figure out the orientation of each corner of the page. Here, I marked down each corner with a different symbol.

Step 2: Trace Your Circuit Path

Based on the rules of a basic circuit, draw a circuit path so that the two ends meet at the battery once folded.

Step 3: Complete Your Final Circuit!

Use your previous scrap as a guide to sticking your circuit tape down. Follow the basic circuit sheet to complete the circuit. Add the motor where the line breaks (for help here, please see this link).

Step 4: Test Your Circuit!

Fold the circuit to make sure that it is complete before you begin folding.

Step 5: Fold Your Origami!

You are ready to fold your origami! Be wary of the wires in the motor. Try not to fold directly on them. The circuit tape is fine to fold, however.

Step 6: Make Adjustments

Now is the time to make your cockroach look good- tinker to get the best connection and look. You're done!

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    3 years ago

    Fun idea :)