Paper Gun

Introduction: Paper Gun

Paper guns are very versatile and super fun to play with. Over the past few weeks, I have found many things to add to this pea shooter. Some of these are a magazine, working trigger, sights and, more! You can create fun minigames to challenge your friends with. Overall these little shooters are super cheap, easy to make and awesome (by my standards).

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Step 1: Materials

The materials needed are, two pieces of blank copy paper, tape,and 2 or 3 rubber bands.

You will also need a pair of scissors for assembly.

Step 2: Building It

Start by rolling the paper from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner. Make sure that you wrap it as tight as possible but not so that the center is thicker than the ends. The next thing to do is to wrap your second piece of paper around the first one from the shorter side. Make sure that the tighter roll can easily slide in and out of the wider tube.

Step 3: Assembling

Measure out 12 inches on the longer of the two tube. Cut at both marks, make sure that when you make the cuts that they are 6 inches away from the center. Mark the roll 1 inch in from an end, fold from this mark to the 2-inch mark. Test by sliding the smaller tube into the bigger one, the smaller tube should stop near the end so it doesn't thread all the way, though. For practicality snip off the last half inch on the inner tube. Then proceed to add, two rubber bands into the bend in the inner tube. Tape the folded piece back on to the tube after the rubber bands are secured ake sure they don't slip out. Add one of the previous cut out pieces about 3 inches away from the end of the tube on the outside. Tape this down, pull the two rubber bands over this smaller piece. Make sure that the rubber bands pull on the smaller tube. Pinch the back end of the smaller tube, pull back on it. Proceed to drop a small bb ,styled paper bullet or even a spitball. Tilt the shooter backwards making sure hat the ammunition falls onto the inner tube. Point your popper at the target and release! Watch as you ammunition tears through you target and shred it to pieces... kinda. Well, that's about it, play around with your new toy. If you liked this, look for more Instructables on how to add a trigger, handle, magazine and more.

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    3 years ago

    Very fun! I made stuff like this all the time as kid. Thanks for sharing :)