Paper People

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This is my design for paper people.  I've had the design for years, and I thought I'd show you now, while I'm bored, with nothing to do but study for finals.  There's no instructions along with them, because I've always hoped to patent these things some day, and I'd like to keep the design a secret.

In theory, these guys can be made with zero tape, although these use some, because they are made from very thick paper.  Also in theory, they can be made with one eight and a half be eleven sheet of paper.  If you were wondering, the boy was modeled after me, and the girl was modeled after my lady friend, Tory.  

I hope you guys enjoy!

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    5 years ago

    Wow now I know to great papercraft guys! You and Nerfrocketeer make me feel like I need to take origami lessons. Great job on the paper people. I have dreams on patenting my own electric car system and eventually my own car company: Veloci Automotive! I just have a quite a bit more steps to patent my stuff...

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    Thank you! :p You don't need to take lessons. Just start folding stuff in your spare time and, eventually, you can come up with anything. It may take several tries, like these did, but eventually, whatever you were trying to make from paper is made, given a little determination, a bit of time, and several sheets of paper.

    (This is technically just folding, not origami, because origami has to be made from one uncut, not taped square of paper. Just a little fun fact. :3)


    5 years ago

    two not to... dumb typos..


    5 years ago

    Nice man, I knew this was you when I recognized that infamous corner of the wall! :P

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