Best Paper Plane With Newspaper in 5 Mins

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This a very easy method to make a paper airplane with a newspaper in 5 minutes or less!!!
Instead of wasting hundreds of A4 sheets just use a newspaper which will surely be the best Airplane ever made by you.
Materials needed:
You only need 3 things for creating this :-

$$-> 1 page of newspaper

$$-> colours,pencil(for decoration)


OK! So let's get started!!!!!$$$ GUYS IF YOU DONT believe me look at my YouTube channel for more.

My channel name is "akshay raman".

Step 1: Size of Newspaper to Make the Plane

#First take 2 pages of newspaper which are joined given in the first picture.

#Then "fold" it in half vertically.

#Cut the paper in half horizontally. It should look like the 3rd photo.

Step 2: Making the Plane Part-1

#Now "fold" the paper in half vertically so it looks like the 1st picture in step:2.

#Open the paper back. You should now be seeing a crease in the middle.

#You should also be seeing that one end of the paper is open and the other is closed.

#(NOTE: Start making the folds from the open side only)
Now follow the photos given above* which is till "4." In the last photo

Step 3: Making the Plane Part-2

#Now you should be getting a shape which will look the first pic (of step 3)

#This shape should be a symmetrical one.

#now fold the paper in half like shown in the 2nd and 3rd picture (of step 3)

#Now for making the wings fold the paper like I have shown in the 4, 5, 6th pictures.

#Do the same for the other part to create your other wing.

Step 4: Finishing

#Now adjust both the wings to make them even and......

Your paper airplane is ready to take off!!!!

#Also try decorating your plane with colours to give a a very nice look!

Do try to see my YouTube video



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