Paper Plate Penguin Craft Project for Kids

Introduction: Paper Plate Penguin Craft Project for Kids

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While the cold winter stays outside, you can be creative inside with your children and make this adorable paper plate penguin project!
How to Make a Cute Paper Plate Penguin Craft
You will Need:
2 paper plates
2 googly eyes
black and orange paint, crayons, or markers
Elmer's glue
paint brush if using paint

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Step 1:

Here are the supplies you will need to make this adorable paper plate penguin project.

Step 2:

Cut out the pieces for your penguin as shown in the next two photos. You'll be using every piece you cut out so don't thrown any of it away.

Cut out a large circle from the center of the plate.

Step 3:

Then cut two "wings" from the ridged sides of the paper plate, and three triangles. One larger for the beak, and two smaller triangles for the feet of the penguin.

Step 4:

Paint the wings black, and the triangles for the beak and feet orange.

Step 5:

Paint a V-shaped "hairline" on the penguin's head in black, as shown.

Wait for the paint to dry. After it is dry, glue the two wing pieces onto the top rim of the second paper plate, and his two feet.

Step 6:

On the head part, glue on the beak, and two googly eyes above the penguin's beak. Glue the head to the body.

Step 7:

Your adorable penguin paper plate craft is finished!

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