Paper Popper - Easy With Adjustable Volume!




Introduction: Paper Popper - Easy With Adjustable Volume!

Here is a quick little origami paper popper that has adjustable volume! From tapping paper with pencil to a balloon popping, you can adjust how loud it is! It is easy to make and reload, so you can make it in 30 seconds or less. I got yelled at for scaring my dad when he walked out of the bathroom... Let's see how to fold it up!

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Step 1: How to Fold It!

Here are the folds! After the center crease you fold it down four times then fold in half sideways.

Step 2: Loading and Reloading!

Here is how to load it! To reload after popping it, push the part that pops out back in, and pull the parts that you hold when popping apart if you need to. And, to adjust the loudness, the middle edge must be lower down to be louder. The thing that sticks out at the bottom can be pulled down to nbe louder or pushed in to be quieter. And make sure if it is really low that you don't pinch the edge that pops out, or it will not work. Hope you enjoyed this paper popping device! Cya

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