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About: I like to make inventions, usually out of paper and stuff I have. I have a few projects that i haven't put up on instructables yet...

As you can see, all of my projects use this special white paper. I got it from the paper between X-ray films. You probably have never seen or heard of it but you could use cardstock glued together instead of it. Anyways, back to the Instructable.

I saw some of the projectors here for the old ipods and other video players. I thought to try it myself with the supplies I have. The other ones didn't work for the iPod touch, I have the retina display version. The retina display is 2 the resolution than the previous iPod Touches. It would make a great projector for the high quality screen. I made this with thick paper(as talked about above), a small mirror(from some old kit I had, and a magnifying glass. unfortunatly they both are scratched and the image quality isn't the best, but it works. I can project it with no distortion at about 4 feet away with an image size of about 2 feet wide. Unfortuantly My camera broke, so I cant show it working, i  have to use the crummy iPod touch camera.
This is not a step by step instructable, but if someone comments for it, i will try to show how to make it in an Instructable.

Sorry for no notes in the images, there might be a bug where i cant save it.



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    i have a disassembled old VHS camera lens that has a dual mirror focus lens that i can, can i use this for the focus for the screen?

    hey guys!
    em making a projector for my mobile phone (E52)
    i have the mirror,the box and the lens but the only thing that i need to know is what is the right space between the lens and the mirror ? and what's the right degree of the mirror ? i read that it must be 45* to reflect light from the screen to the lens
    however em waiting for comments,plz tell me when u see this com plz :)
    oh,as for the paper that u use i know what it is, x-rays uses big black special paper
    to print x-rays,and they put thick papae between every x-ray film and the other so when u grape one u won't leave finger prints or else xD that's all i know (might be right ot wrong)

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    It is hard to choose for the space between the mirror and the lens, because when you change the distance from the projector to the wall the distance from the lens and the mirror must change too.

    And yep, that is the kind of paper, I know someone that works as an X-Ray Technician and instead of them throwing it out I reuse it for something useful!

    thanks alot :) i made a projector today and ir worked very good but the only thing that ruined the movie was the small screen :\
    one more thing, can u give me the measures u used for your projector ? so i can make a better projector than the one that i madew and threw in the garbage ?

    I dont have the projector anymore, sorry, I threw it in the garbage because it wasnt really good quality and it took up alot of space.

    okay,thx anyway !
    i tried it and i got good quality but a small screen so however i'm making a new one out of a tissue box and it's very good tell now :) thx :)

    Once I tried to make something like this. I was experimenting with lenses and mirrors but I realized that the lenses were not good and distorted the image. I am still on my watch for a lens good enough for my iPod Touch 2G 8gb. Do you know if the lens has to be bigger or as big as the screen of the iPod? Or can it be smaller? Thanks!

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    If you really want to buy something, get something called a fresnel lens, they are flat and square, you can cut them to anysize. That would give probably more quality, also to your other question, the lens that I used was as wide as the iPod, but at the edges there is deteriation. Also my mirror and magnifying glass are old, so they have a lot of scratches which decreases quality

    Ok! I'll ask for a fresnel lens then. The guys that work with stage lighting should know where to get them. Yes, and I think that most magnifying glasses make for deterioration. Thanks a lot for the info. BTW where are you from? US? or Australia? Britain?

    Ok. Seems like fresnel lenses are only to project light, I read somewhere on the Internet that they produce image distortion. I haven't had the chance to test one though, I can't find anyone. Though I have lenses from a slide projector, I'm experimenting with those. But also an instructable caught my attention. It's a guy that made a projector from an overhead projector and an LCD screen. I'm now looking for the projector...


    I will try to make a step by step ible soon, though it will be hard to do it because I only have after it's done steps