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Introduction: Paper Pub #2: Digg Logo Army

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Today's Papercraft Project arises from a question that has plagued mankind for centuries.  Namely, what would you do if you had your own mindless drones willing to do your bidding?  Wars, devastation, galactic empires across the galaxies, giant industrial corporations, and the FBoxNetwork are all the result of such a moral dilemma, and it's easy to criticize these faceless ventures when we are not placed in the same predicament.  Which is why, we come to the question, what would we as individuals do with such immense power?  

Well, this project, thankfully, will not address any of these questions!  Nope, the papercraft today the famous Digg Logois not only an adorable mass of inane paper but is so easily replicated that after a few attempts you can have mindless drones of your own!  You can't send them to do your bidding, but they make excellent theft deterrent!

Note: Member SHIFT! does not endorse anyone else's plans for world domination, except for his own.  Maybe.

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Step 1: Papercraft Profile

For those of you who don't know what the website Digg is, according to Wikipedia it is a social news website that apparently allows users to vote on recent articles/web pages/ news stories "digging" the most interesting ones and "burying" the most useless and forgettable ones.    Personally, I always just think of them as "Facebook Like: The Website"

This papercraft, however, comes from the website and was submitted by user Freebooter Fox, aka Stickypurplecat.  Besides this one, Freebooter Fox has some truly amazing papercraft projects such as the iconic Awesome Face, Sol Emeralds and even real working Papercraft Hinges!  Truly Astounding! 

As always, I never host any of the papercraft files, just provide links to their site where you can download them FOR FREE.   You will also need to download Pepakura to view the files on your computer.

Download Link Here:

Step 2: Materials and Tools

Again, there's only four kinds of tools that you really need to use in order to create papercrafts.

Scissors (preferably Barber's brand), Tweezers (the thin 45 degree angled ones work well), Glue (Aleene's Tacky Glue) and Human Blood!  

OK, so maybe that last one is optional but blood never really bothered me.  In fact, I think it gives my project a distinctive "Look what I made with my blood and tears in the last 20 minutes!"  

Also Cardstock Paper, 110 lb.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieces

Really simple and straight forward step.  After downloading and printing the file from your computer onto cardstock paper, just use your scissors to cut out each individual segment.  

Warning: Cutting out paper can be very dangerous!  Be sure to ask your parent's permission before attempting such a dangerous task, even if you are above the age of 20.  Hell, even I still do it sometimes. 

"Hey Dad, can I cut out this papercraft?"
"No Son, cutting paper ruins lives.  It's what made your old man go insane and become a cat hoarder!"
"But I  always thought it was because you didn't wear any pants!"
"Yes, that too."

Step 4: Creating the Body

This step is really easy. Just cut out the gingerbread man like front and body halves, along with the sides of the papercraft and glue it together.

The main body of the Digg Logo is basically like one square box thing that my boss constantly warns us not to 3D print, because it wastes resin.  But in paper it's perfectly fine because it's only killing trees.  I mean, what have trees ever done for anyone.  Provide oxygen to let us breathe?  HA!  Breathing is for losers and is completely overrated!  You know who else liked to breathe?  Stalin.  

Step 5: Attaching the Head

Again, this step is fairly simple.  Take that weird elongated Top Hat pieces, create a small rectangular box from it based on the fold lines and then attach it to the main body.  Then, taking the last remaining square, glue that onto the top, making a face.

In any good zombie movie, the trick to killing them is to always go for the head.  In this case however, because papercrafts are immobile by nature, you don't really need to glue the head unless you want to.  However, according to the papercraft civil rights union, this could be considered extremely cruel and almost a form of sadism.  

Step 6: Making the Shovel

I HATED THIS PART.  Making the shovel directly after creating the simple body and the head of the papercraft is like learning to drive a bike, then being locked inside a jetliner cockpit and asked to fly it.  Everything requires fine minute details to it, and it makes it very difficult to create and glue.

But it's not impossible.  Basically what you are creating is a kind of kickboard thing out of paper with a thin piece of paper sticking out with a loop for the end.  The best thing I can suggest, if you want to finish this build up quickly, is to refer back to the pepakura file and analyze how that was put together.  

Otherwise, you can just print off a copy of the 2D version here and use that.  But sadly, that's not how you build an effective army.  A good soldier is only as good as his weaponry, as soon as it gets destroyed they are sitting ducks.  And in this case, the shovel is like their M180.  

Step 7: Dominate Everyone!

Excellente!  You just finished your own papercraft Digg Logo Minion!  Feel free to use it however you please (within reason, of course. Please no 4chan images.....seriously).  Throw them at your enemies!  Set them on fire and use them as instruments of torture!  Or even worse yet, give them positions as social workers!  I guarantee your boss won't be able to tell the difference!

Until next papercraft, stay sharp!


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