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I've been around on the Blagosphere for a while now and I've come to realize that there are three things the internet will never get over: 1) Web Videos, 2) Cats and 3) Cute Japanese Animated Girls That Turn Into Machines.  While Amanda already did an 'ible on viral vids, and Fanimecon 2012 isn't until another 2 weeks, I figured Cats would be a perfect niche to fill.  So for my second Paper Publication, I would like to introduce you to our HQ's Newest Security System: Surveillance Cat!

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Step 1: Paper Profile

For those of you who just joined the internets or have been actively avoiding Google Images, Surveillance Cat or "Ceiling Cat" is a very popular internet Lolcat.  From

Ceiling Cat was one of the first and now, most well-known, internet cats. He has spawned several submemes, including his nemesis Basement Cat and Basement HorseWho.
This papercraft version of the adorable cat comes from Deviantart's The-Bongmaster. He is an amazing graphical artist and 3D designer, but there are some things on his site I wouldn't suggest really young children to be visiting it.  Some of his stuff is a bit....nsfw (Not Specifically Feline Work).

Download Link Here:

Step 2: Build the Base

Shameless Plug: Before we begin, I would like to say that the best way to build papercrafts is through a program called Pepakura. It is an an AWESOME program, allows you to import .pdo files and .obj files and make papercraft models from them.  It's also incredibly easy to refer back to the plans whenever you are stuck building.

After grabbing the pepakura file from The-Bongmaster's page and printing out the individual pages, we can begin!

The base is pretty straight forward, it's pretty much four cardboard ramps attached to an inclined flat black print out.  Now, The-Bongmaster warns against printing out the black page because it takes up a lot of printing ink.  Thankfully, I have access to my company's Laser Jet HP CP1250 and basically have unlimited supply!

Step 3: Cutting Out the Pieces

Yes, this build certainly uses a lot of parts-  47 to be exact, so be expected to keep a sharp pair of scissor near you more than a couple of times.  

Step 4: Skipping Ahead

Yes, I apologize that I didn't take too many pictures of the building process nor do I want to delve too much into the the actual process.  Basically if you have Pepakura Viewer the program solves the puzzle for you.  Just refer back to it whenever in a jam, it makes the entire process incredibly easy.

Step 5: Building the Face

Admittedly the face was one of the more difficult steps, only because I was building it without referring back to the plans.  Apparently, cats have intruding eyes not protruding, so I had to shove them in at the end.  

By the way, you know what was really funny?  Several times when I was building, people in the office would come by and ask what it was.  They had no idea!  Wilgubeast came the closest by calling it a "Mask" but it wasn't until I finally attached it to the base when it was clear.

Step 6: Attaching the Base

So basically in this step, just take your kitten head and mount it to the frame.  It almost felt a little creepy to me when handling it personally.  The thing looks exactly like my own house cat so when I was gluing it down to the window, it was like I was attaching Felix's decapitated head.  Yeesh, I need to go to bed earlier. 

Step 7: Installation!

Yay!  So now that your surveillance kitten is finished, it's time to mount it to the ceiling!  For bonus results, try mounting it to the ground for the arch nemesis Basement Kitten!

Anyway, until next papercraft!


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    2 years ago

    i'm constructing one now, from tubby, grimm seen it and gives it a four paws up,,


    6 years ago

    Really good for pegging people


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Got mine a few years ago from here :
    Looks great on my ceiling too.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I swear I saw that cat move the other day.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    If that's not creepy, I don't know what is.
    However, well crafted.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh, yeah thanks Bongmaster! Ceiling Cat Craft is just so completely awesome and I have no interest in ordinary papercrafts.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Not Specifically Feline Work, huh? I always wondered what those letters stood for.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Is there any "Cute Japanese Animated Girls That Turn Into Machines" papercraft that you can do? That would be good. I think we would all appreciate that.