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Although it makes me old, for many of us the Nintendo 64 was our first television connected gaming system.  One of my fondest memories with it is playing Super Smash Bros against my cousins when I was 7, getting my lower back side handed to me by my five year old brother (Yeah, try talking your way out of that one) and then going and hiding in my corner of shame.  Oh, fun times, fun times!

Today's Papercraft Publication is the iconic 64 bit Nintendo Logo, as designed by deviantart's billybob884.  I truly love this designer.  Billybob has created some of the most highly detailed video game crafts on the net, such as the turret from Portal and an awesome looking GLaDOS (which I used for my Full Scale GLaDOS Papercraft).  I highly suggest checking out is work for awesome game themed Papercrafts.

Paper Profile
This is a pretty standard Papercraft, nothing truly difficult although I would suggest you bringing out your tweezers and flat scrapers for the diagonal parts.  Imagine like you're going to make a box except with only four sides and the walls are completely doubled up.  It's similar to that design except instead of gluing the walls together you're gluing them to the back and then gluing them to the sides.  It's much easier to look at the PDO pepakura file for reference.

Anyway, good luck with your paper adventures!  Think I might finally beat my 19 year brother on SBB now.


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    "Although it makes me old, for many of us the Nintendo 64 was our first television connected gaming system."

    *sputter*..If that makes you old then the Commodore 64 makes me a dinosaur.

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