Paper Pub: Disneyland Main Street Station 1/4 HO Scale

Introduction: Paper Pub: Disneyland Main Street Station 1/4 HO Scale

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One of my close friends is a Disneyland connoisseur, so for this past holiday I decided to make her a miniature version of the iconic Disneyland Main Street Train Station. The original design of this paper model was created by Nava Designs ( for the Disney crafting website "" and is roughly 4 feet in length, 15" in height and 8" in width. I did take a few liberties with the design, specifically in shrinking down the model to a "domestic size". I had originally planned on making it half scale, but I accidentally printed it out 4 pages: 1 and it became a handheld. To build this model I relied heavily on fine tweezers and sewing scissors. I also forego on building the platforms to consolidate the size. This model is roughly 3.75" high, 2" wide and around 4" in length and is by far the smallest scale model papercraft I have made :) The Disneyland Main Street Station was the only one of two publicly running DLRR stations when the park opened back in 1955. It's architectural design is constructed in that it coincides with the rest of the area's antiquated style, particularly New Orleans Square. A plaque on the station reads that it is situated around 138 ft. above sea level and it is one of the first attractions that welcome guests into the park. -SHIFT!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I expecially love the wee details around the windows and trims