Paper Quilled Doll



This paper quilled doll has been made with different designs of quilled pieces and then joined together.


Step 1: What You Need?

  • Different colors of 5 mm wide quilling papers
  • Quilling needle
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 2: Creating Base

  • First we will create the base with white quilling paper
  • Make a tight coil with 10 strips, joining one with the other with glue
  • Flatten the coil
  • Make a cone out of the coil
  • Apply glue inside the cone and dry

Step 3: First Layer of Cones on the Base

  • Join two violet colored strips together and make tight coil
  • Make a cone from the coil and apply glue inside
  • We need about 8 pieces of these.
  • Glue these cones around the base as shown in the picture

Step 4: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Layers With Quilled Cones

  • Using 1-1/2 strips of rose colored paper, create 8 pieces of cones as earlier
  • Glue these cones around the violet ones already fixed to the base. This will make the second layer
  • With one strip of yellow paper make 8 pieces of cones
  • Glue these pieces in between rose colored cones and make the third layer
  • Lastly, make 8 cones with pink paper each with 3/4th length of paper strips
  • Glue these cones around one half of the base as fourth layer. This will be the backside of the doll.

Step 5: Making Waist and Body

  • Make a dome shape as shown for waist. This can be done with 8 strips of Blue paper
  • Glue the waist portion above the already constructed base
  • Make some tiny cones - 1/2 strip
  • Add another layer with the cones
  • Make a dome of 8 strips for the body

Step 6: Making Upper Body

  • Make upper body with cream and blue
  • Paste the upper body

Step 7: How to Make Hair?

  • Paste paper strips as follows
  • Paste the hair dome to face dome
  • Make outer layer of hair
  • Paste the outer layer to the head

Step 8: Pasting Head to the Body

  • Paste the head , neck and body
  • Curl the hair
  • Curl the front hair too

Step 9: Making Hands

  • Make 2 small cones for each hand
  • Paste the hands

Step 10: Making Fringed Flowers

  • Make fringe with 5mm blue paper
  • Make small fringed flowers
  • Add the fringed flowers to neck line

Step 11: Adding Glitter

  • Add sparkles to give a glow

Our paper quilled doll is ready



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