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About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

Quilling is a fun inexpensive craft for anyone to learn. One of my first crafts was Quilling and I simply loved it. I find myself always going back to it.

Here I have shown some simple and cute quilling ornaments. I have shown the basic shapes in my first instructable here. This is in fact my 5th quilling tutorial and in each I have shown a different technique.

The Snowman was very quick and easy while the tree took a longer time as it had so many flowers. The ball was a time in between :-)

Step 1: Paper Quilled Supplies

Hand shredder.

colored paper/ or quilling paper

Quilling circle template.




Styrofoam ball



Step 2: Quilled Snowman

Note : you can glue much faster if you keep a blob of glue on a lid and let it thicken while you roll. This will make it much quicker for your project to dry.

For the Snowman make 2 - 1" tight circle and 2 - 3/4" Tight circle.

Body -Dorm each circle by pushing it gently with your thumb. Apply glue so that it would hold it's shape. Once dry use glue again and glue both 1" domes together to form a ball and glue both 3/4" together to form another ball. This is the body and head. Glue the head to the body.

Nose -For the carrot nose make another small tight circle in orange. Slowly push out with a toothpick to form a point. Glue inside and the bottom edge and glue to the face

Scarf - For scarf take three 2 mm strip paper and glue the edges together. You could also pin it to a board. Now slowly plat the 3 strips. Once you get your required length trim with scissors and glue the edges down.

Wrap the scarf around the neck and glue it down.

Cap - Make another tight circle about 1" in diameter in a contrasting color. Slowly dome and glue it. Now glue this on the Snowman's head.

For the top pom pom, take three 1/2" strips of paper in different colors. Cut a fringe in all. Pace contrasting colors on top of each other and roll and glue it down. Now as we are going to hang these it's best to insert the fishing line now. Slowly pass the fishing line through the hole made with the pin while rolling. Tie a knot or glue the string in place. Now glue the fringe top on the Cap.

Your Snowman is ready to be displayed!

Buttons, Eyes and Mouth- For eyes cut 1mm strip of paper into 1 " and roll a tight circle. Glue this for the eyes. Use 0.5" long paper for the mouth. I made it this way at first. But somehow I found it too large. so I quickly removed it and used 3D paint for the mouth. I have uploaded both pictures. You may use what method you prefer.

For buttons roll up 1mm x 1.5" long strip. Glue it down on to the body.

Step 3: Quilled 3D Tree

For the tree I used the circle template as I needed to get uniform sized petals.

To make a 3d template for the tree I cut a 3" radius circle in half and then roll it to make a cone. Glue it down and either wrap a cling film around it or tape it with celo tape ( the transparent tape). This is so that the glue will not stick to the board.

Cut loads of 3" strips of paper and start rolling it loosely. Place it in the template and glue the edges close. Pinch one side to make a teardrop . Glue 6 petals to make a flower.

Cut 1 long strip of paper and roll it to form a cone. place it on top of the Cone and slowly push to form a cone. Secure the fishing line for hanging in this as we did for the Snowman.

Now glue and pin about 8 petals around the highest point. place the cone with the string on top. and glue.

Take 4 petals and pinch on the other side too. Curve and pinch it. Glue 1 of these curved pieces on 4 flowers as shown in picture. Now connect it to the top layer. Make sure that the top layer glue is completely dry.

The connectors will become longer and longer while the flower remains in the same size.

For the connectors I used the circle size 3, 5, and 6 . ( these are marked on the board). Use pins to hold the flowers in place while the glue dried.

Once the I came to the bottom of my tree I filled the gap with small balls in size 3. Let it dry completely.

Slowly remove the tree from the Cone. Hot glue some beads to the flower center.

Doesn't it look really elegant? I really liked how it turned out. Perhaps I should try a ball??

Step 4: Quilled Globe

For the Quilled Globe I used the Double Spiral technique.

To make the double spiral take 2 strips of paper. One should be shorter than the other. Glue the ends on one side with the shorter strip in front. Once dry roll with the shorter strip going inside. When you come to the end of the shorter strip, slowly push the longer strip up so that it would form a gap between the strips. Adjust according to how big your want the gap to be. Now glue it in place. You can also roll the other end to make a different shape. Make various sizes of this shape. Also make simple spirals.

Fill in some of the gaps in the double spirals with loose circles in contrasting color. Make sure to glue the circles to the walls of the spirals. Do the double spirals in 2 colors to give our globe an ombre effect.

Cover a Styrofoam ball in kitchen foil. Now pin and glue your spirals to the ball. That's it! Doesn't it look smashing?

Some of you must be wondering why I didn't do it like the tree, with no ball inside. Well I did try it like that, but it wasn't a success cause the paper wasn't strong. Spirals unlike the flowers are not very strong so it didn't hold the shape. If you want to do the globe to look like the tree I would suggest you use colored cardboard. It would probably be much stronger and hold the shape better.

Some would wonder why I showed my mistake, perhaps it would remove some points from the instructable?? Well I learned from my mistakes. I wanted you to learn from my mistakes and avoid making a mistake :-).

Hope you learned something new from my instructable and please. Pleeeese Vote. I would so love it and it would make me happy and make you have a warm feeling inside for making someone happy! lol.

Thank you!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful ornaments Shazni!! I love the way you made the globe, using tin foil as "background" is simply ingenious!

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    shazniMuhaiminah Faiz

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    Thank you so much! I just hope I get in to the far non of my entries seem to be doing well :-^/.

    You on the hand are a sure shot finalist :-). Keep it up !

    Muhaiminah Faizshazni

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    Don't mention it! Finalists and winners can be quite unpredictable sometimes, you never know! so keep your fingers crossed and wish you all the best!

    Thanks ^_^