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Introduction: Paper Quilled Tealight Holder

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I've always thought that paper quilling was perfect to filter light on lamps and make beautiful light effects. The only "problem" is that it takes some time to do it so making a whole lamp with this technique would take me forever.

For this reason, I decided to do the same creating something smaller...why not using tealights?
That's how the idea to make this tealight holder came to my mind.

It still takes some time to make, but the result is beautiful and costs nothing! It's the perfect project to do during a winter day watching your favorite movies ;)

Please vote for it in contests if you like it and have fun! :)

Step 1: Supplies

  • small jar or glass - I used one that is about 9 x 5cm (3.54''x 1.96'')
  • paper quilling strips (any color you like) - check out how to quickly make your own strips here!
  • slotted quilling tool
  • super glue
  • tealight
  • gold acrylic paint (optional)

Step 2: Make Crescent Moons and Hearts

This whole candle holder is composed of many different shapes.

The crescent moon

Let's start inserting the tip of a paper strip in the quilling tool and rotate it until you reach the end.
Remove it from the tool and release the coil between your fingers to obtain a loose coil.
Secure it with glue, then press it with your fingers to obtain a crescent moon shape, as you can see in the first picture.

Glue the crescent moon on the glass with the round side on top, starting from the bottom of the jar.
Make more crescent moons to glue next to the first one, all around the jar. I needed about 10 of them for the round.

The scrolled heart

Fold a strip of paper in half and start rolling it with the quilling tool until you reach the middle of the strip.
Now insert the other end of the paper strip in the tool and roll the other half of the strip as well.
This way you'll obtain a heart.

Make 4 more scrolled hearts and glue them on top of the crescent moons, skipping 2 in order to have enough space for the hearts.

Step 3: Make Triangles and Flowers

The triangles

Make 5 new loose coils like the one you made for the moons, and press them with your fingers to give them the shape of triangles.

Glue each of them between the hearts, all around the jar, with super glue.

The flowers

Before making the actual flowers, you need to make 5 ring coils for each flower.
Making a ring coil is very simple: rotate a paper strip around the quilling tool's handle or a pencil, so that the hole in the middle will be bigger than a regular coil.
Make sure to apply glue on both the beginning of the coil and the end so it won't unravel.

When your ring coils are done, pinch them with your finger once to obtain teardrops.
Glue the tips of 5 teardrops together in round to form a flower.

Repeat this to make 4 more flowers, then glue them right on top of the triangles on your jar.

Step 4: Make More Triangles and S Scrolls

Make 5 more triangles just like the previous ones and glue them with their side right on top of the hearts.

S scrolls

Fold a paper strip in half and roll it until you reach the middle, like you did for the heart.
Now turn the strip and roll the other half too to obtain an "S" scroll.

Make a total of 5 S scrolls and glue them horizontally on top of the triangles, between the flowers' top petals.

Step 5: Make Tight Coils and Diamond Coils

Tight coils

Cut a strip of paper in half to obtain 2 shorter strips. Do the same with other strips to have a total of 5.
Roll them with the quilling tool but do not release them when you are done, they must be kept tight. Simply secure them with glue the way they are.

There should be a little bit of space left between the triangles and S scrolls so glue one of these tiny tight coils in each space.

Diamond coils

Make 5 new loose coils and press them with your fingers to give them a squared shape (diamond).

Glue their tip on top of the flower's petals all around.

Step 6: Make Hearts and Large Ring Coils


Make 5 loose coils and pinch them with your fingers once to form a teardrop.
Now use your quilling tool to press on the round part of the teardrops and give them the shape of a heart.

Glue your 5 hearts between the diamond coils, on top of the S scrolls.

Large ring coils

Make a large ring coil rolling a paper strip around your finger. Of course, you can use something else as base for it if you prefer.
Always make sure to apply glue both at the beginning and at the end for this kind of coils.

Make a total of 10 large ring coils, then glue 2 of them on top of the diamond coil, as you can see in the 4th picture. Do this all around the jar with the rest of the rings.

Step 7: Make Marquises and Tight Coils


Make 5 new ring coils using the handler or pencil and press them with your fingers to give them the shape of an eye, called marquise.

Glue the tip of each marquise on top of the hearts on your jar.

Make 10 new regular tight coils and glue them inside the large ring coils (one for each ring).
I placed them towards the bottom of the rings, but you can center them if you prefer, or place them differently.

Step 8: Make More S Scrolls and Marquises

Make 5 new S scrolls just like before, and glue them horizontally on top of the marquises.

Now prepare 5 loose coils and use them to make other marquises. As you can see, these don't have the hole in the middle so they are different than the previous ones.

Glue them horizontally between the last S scrolls to complete the decoration.

The whole jar is completely covered with coils now so the longest part is over!

Step 9: Add a Touch of Gold

This step is optional, but I recommend it if you used white paper like I did.

All you have to do is to use your finger to paint the edges of the coils with gold acrylic paint. You don't have to put too much paint, just enough to give a golden touch to the paper's surface.
Finally, let the paint dry.

I used gold paint because I love gold, but you can use any other color you like!

The tealight holder is done! Isn't it beautiful?
Insert the tealight in it and light it up!

ps: I put something under the tealight to keep it higher and be able to light it up more easily.

pps: please vote for it if you liked it, thanks! :)

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    5 years ago

    So pretty! Worth the effort, for sure

    Your love for light is so apparent in every light ible of yours Linda, it just feels so good :). Great show as always :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this makes me really happy! Thank you so much Tarun! :)


    5 years ago

    so this is what you've been up to from January 2014!!! :) just kidding. it looks beautiful. and looks like a looooot of work! thanks for sharing and all the best for the contest.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    lol luckily it didn't take me THAT long or I would have given up right away :D Everytime I start a quilling project I think it will take me a few minutes to do it all...yet everytime I re-realize it takes a lot more than just a few minutes!
    Thanks!! :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    awesome! I tried paper quilling once... wasn't quite so imressive


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! The more you try, the better it'll get! The bases of quilling are not difficult after all :)