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Introduction: Paper Quilling Ethnic Indian Jhumkas

About: I was an IT professional in India but never got satisfied with that work. Painting and crafting always used to give me satisfaction. Then i thought why not give it a try to do one of the indian painting with...

You can make this beautiful earring in 15-20 minutes. Perfect way to give a ethnic touch to your outfit.

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Step 1: Things Needed

1. Paper Quilling Stripes : Pink - 5 strips and green - 3 strips (You can choose any 2 colors) 2. Earring hoops - 2 3.Studs and pearls for decoration. 4. Mod Podge (or any other glue) 5. Quilling tool 6. 3D quilling mold for shaping Jhumka 7. eye pins - 2 8. T pin

Step 2: Glue Stripes Together

Take 8 quilling paper, 5 Pink color and 3 Green. Glue them one by one in the following order.

Pink -2, Green - 3 and Pink - 3.

Step 3: Make Coil Using Quilling Needle.

Take a slotted quilling needle. Insert the paper strip into the quilling slot and keep quilling until you get a tight coil.

Step 4: Give Coil Jhumka Shape Using 3D Mold

Remove the coil from the quilling tool and fix the edge using glue( I used Mod Podeg) .

Put the coil in the appropriate slot of 3D mold. Gently press the coil to get the Jhumka cup. If you don't have the mold, you can also make it using fingers. Slowly push the coil from one side to another side to get the structure.Apply a layer of mod podge inside of the cup to secure the structure.

Step 5: Decoration.

Insert an eye pin from the bottom of the cup. Put earring cap and pearl into eye pin and mold it to form a small ring. Make it big enough to insert the earring hoop in coming step.

Cut the extra part of eye pin.

Take 1 T pin and put pearl in it, insert the T pin in the eye pin and attach. Adjust the length of pearl attached with T pin.

Step 6: Seal the Jhumkas

coat the jhumkas with mod podge to make them water resistant and UV resistant. Leave it to dry.

I used gloss luster mod podge to give shine to earring

Step 7: Complete the Decoration.

Decorate as per your liking.

I decorated it with pearl and studs strips .

Take earring hoop and put 2 small pearl -> 1 medium size pearl -> decoration stud -> 1 pearl -> insert the hoop through the small ring you made in jhumkas and repeat 2 small pearl -> 1 medium size pearl -> decoration stud -> 1 pearl.

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