Paper RC Plane




Introduction: Paper RC Plane

Convert any paper plane into flying RC model! Watch the kids paper plane ruling the skies.

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Step 1: Materials

  • pager motor
  • 70mah lipo
  • Propeller
  • Carbon rod
  • Micro tx and Rx
  • Linear servo or coil servo


  • Pliers
  • Wire
  • Pair of scissors

Step 2: Making Paper Plane

  • Fold an a4 sheet into half from the longer side
  • Fold the top corners so that they touch the centre crease
  • Now repeat the second step
  • Fold the top tip about 2 inches
  • Fold the whole paper along the longer side
  • Fold the wings and it is done

Step 3: Making the Frame With Electronics

Take about the length of the carbon rod and mount a pager motor with super glue at the tip of the rod.

Attach pieces of velcro on the rod to mount it on paper airplane. Stick the other side of velcro on the surface of paper airplane.

Step 4: Adding Details.

You can decorate your plane and add details. The photo shows the velcro mounted on plane's surface. In this way the electronics can be easily mounted on another plane.

Step 5: Adding Receiver, Battery and Servo

Use a light weight linear servo or magnetic servo for the rudder action. Cut a rectangle piece of foam or light wood and make it the vertical stabilizer or rudder. Connect the servo to the receiver by soldering. Also mount the receiver with double sided adhesive tape. Solder the connector for the battery on to the receiver. Charge the lipo battery using a separate charger. Now mount the whole structure on to the plane via velcro. Pulg in the battery and it is ready to fly.

Step 6: Surf Over the Sky!

This paper plane is sure a good beginners unique model. Now go and surf over the skies!



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    7 months ago



    7 months ago

    do you have an app to control plane

    google micro rx system hobbyking and places have them. google exists for a reason guys.

    Where do I get micro tx and rx

    Can I get micro tx and rx on electronic repair shop

    Coil is hand wound at home. You can make it by turning some copper wire around a writing pen.

    You can get motor, prop and lipo from ebay. The module and rx are supermicro system from HK.

    Looks the same, but that kit costs $50, and I think I could build this for under $15 in materials. What is used to control the plane BTW?

    I just built it in $8 as i already had tx and rx. It works on 2.4ghz. I had used HK microsystem module with 3ch rx. Fully professional controls.

    Nope. I think everything is different in that one. I am using a 3 channel rx, smaller prop and motor.