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Nothings better then a bunch of colors to brighten up you r summer.

This card stock balloon is perfect for kids room decoration.

The colors are bright and full of joy.

So have fun making one of your own.

I hope you all like this project and enjoy making one.

Step 1: Cut

Go to google and search for "hot air balloon clip art" and pick any one you like then print it out.

Cut out a clip art of hot balloon.

Place it over the colored paper. Though I'm using card stock paper.

Draw around the edges of the balloon.

Cut out the piece according to the outline.

Make more. I'm using lots of different colors.

Step 2: Join

Put them all together.

Draw a middle line on the balloon.

Sew according to the lines. (Sew all the balloons together).

Step 3: Prepare the Balloon

After sewing spread the Pieces like you see in the image.

Spread all of them.

Now it looks like a balloon.

Step 4: Finishing

Make a tiny box.

Actually the box depends on the size of you r balloon.

Make 4 holes in two sides of the box. Which means four holes.

Make two holes on the first and last balloon.

Thread a needle and tie the thread on the hole of the box.
The needle is used to pull the thread through the tiny holes.

Then tie the thread with holes in the balloons.

Tie another thread on the top of the balloon, then tie a ring to it.
The ring will help you to hang the hot balloon somewhere.



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    3 years ago

    Is there any other way to stick all the balloons togethoer other than sewing them?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes....just glue the middle of the pieces together....