Paper Rocket

Introduction: Paper Rocket


My Is Chandni Mauriya,

I'm from Kaggalipura Makerspace DEFY.

Today I'm going to show you how to make a Paper Rocket .

Materials what we need for making a Paper Rocket Is.


A Paper Ta


Rubber Bands

Bend straw




A Cello tap

Step 1:

Take paper and draw a rocket in it.

Cut the drawn rocket in it correct shape

Take the paper rocket and the straw .Fix the straw to the rocket with help of gum and tap

After fixing the straw to the rocket it would look some how like this.

Step 2:

After fixing the first strow to the paper rocket .

Fix the second bend strow to the rocket and fix the ballones on the front of the strow wit the help of rubber band it would look like this.

Step 3:

Take the thread and put the thread in the first strow and tried the thread to two poles .

Blow the ballone which is fixed in the bend strow after blowing it let the rocket go it will go front with the presser of air.

After doing it it is some how like this.

Here we are done wit it.

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