Paper Roses

Make paper roses for any occasion wuth this simple instructable. Hope you enjoy and don't get any paper cuts!

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Step 1:

First you need some paper, here i used sweet wrappers. You need a few different sizes, i used medium, small and large. Then you glue them together starting with the smallest and working your way up to the biggest.

Step 2:

flip it over and begin to pinch the layers in one by one starting from the middle. push down on the table or any other flat surface with your finished parcel.

Step 3:

let it go then flatten them down a bit. This is your finished flower but if you want to make leaves pleade continue reading.

Step 4:

fold over some green paper so that its four sheets thick and cut a leaf shape.

Step 5:

take apart your leaves and glue them to the underside of the rose.

Step 6:

you could also use newspaper or magazines or even fraw your own patterns!

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