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Introduction: Paper Shredder Bag

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I used to put the contents of my shredder bin into a carrier bag and drop it in the recycling bin. It struck me that it was a bit dumb putting paper in a plastic bag for recycling, so I took to making a simple tube from old newspaper and using that but its a bit messy doing the transfer from bin to bag, so why not make a bin liner from news paper?

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Step 1: Make a Large Sheet

This was originally intended to be a neat box style bag a simpler but adequate form came about whiles I was making it so not being that bothered with the aesthetics of something that is going to end up in the recycling I stopped there.

I started by gluing 3 sheets of a tabloid sized news paper together along the long edges, to form a large sheet, 2 sheets from a broad sheet sized paper would be enough.

Step 2: Fold and Glue

fold in half long ways to find the center line.

Flatten the sheet out, place your finger about 1"(25mm) take hold of the corner furthest from your finger on the same long edge and bring it up to the top of the sheet forming a 45* angle with the short edge now parallel to the center line. Do the same with the corner that was nearest your finger to form a large triangle with an over lapping seam.

( For ease of photographing this is demonstrated on a single sheet of newspaper)

Glue the seam.

Using the bin as a guide, square off the point of the triangle slightly narrower than the width of the bin and glue it.

At this point I tried it for size

Step 3: Fit and Use

Discovering that as a lose cone this formed an adequate liner for the shredder bin if pushed carefully into position I left it at that.

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