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Introduction: Paper Shredder Lubrication

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Having recently brought a new shredder, Its instruction booklet suggests to prolong its life to lubricate it each time you empty the bin. It obviously would like you to use their branded lubricant sheets, as an alternative it suggests applying a bead of vegetable oil to the cutters with a long spouted bottle. Having been told vegetable oil is all that is needed I decided to make my own lubricant sheets.

Step 1: Oily Paper

Take a sheet of paper something that is going to be shredded any way is fine.

Fold it in half, and open it out again.

Apply a bead of vegetable oil to the paper just above the fold and close it up.

Feed it to the shredder.




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    1 year ago

    You can also use baby oil since it is made with mineral oil. Mineral oil is used to lubricate a lot of things only "their" oil is unscented.

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    The instructions that came with my shredder said vegetable oil, I'm guessing it might be slightly less of a problem at the pulp mill when it comes to recycling

    You're undoubtedly right. It is just that the shredder I got came with a small vile marked "mineral oil" and baby oil is marked "scented mineral oil". I have used baby oil to lubricate all kinds of things including my shredder. It works great. Maybe I can add vegetable oil to my list of lubricants. Thanks for a great Instructable.

    bottle of baby oil says liquid paraffin (not the same as paraffin/kerosene/jet A1) and perfume I've used it as a substitute for light lubrication oil in the past as well., avoid mixing mineral and vegetable oils they react to form a gum or if heat is involved a tar/resin something any one who has used a model aircraft diesel engine should know, the fuel is roughly equal parts ether, paraffin (mineral oil) and castor oil(vegetable oil) the ether very rapidly evaporates from the mix and the remaining 2 components gel, I've come across old stock sealed cans of fuel which clearly still contain the ether that have become quite syrupy too.