Paper Shuriken Holster




Introduction: Paper Shuriken Holster

you can make this to attatch to your belt or trousers so you always have some handy to throw at classmates/friends/siblings so you can always annoy them :). well then, lets start!

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Step 1: Step 1

what you need:
A4 paper
a paper shuriken ( make sure you use A4 to make it!)
scissors (not shown)

Step 2: Step 2

Take the A4 paper and fold one corner to the opposite edge (this picture is an illusion, the part on the right is suppose to be rectangle) then cut off the excess (dont throw it away, this is the part you need!)

Step 3: Step 3

line up your shuriken like this and fold along the line in picture 2

Step 4: Step 4

fold along the line in picture 1 and then fold along the other line in picture 2 and turn the model over

Step 5: Step 5

fold along the line (are you getting bored of folding along lines now?) in picture 1 and then fold over the little lip in picture 2. tape both of these down and turn the model over again (feeling dizzy?)

Step 6:

tape the flap shown (sorry for the picture quality, my rubbish camera) you can take the shuriken out now

Step 7:

Well Done!!! you have finished! have fun annoying people and post your mods or reviews in the comments
p.s. this is my first instructable :)

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    3 years ago

    confusing... good doe

    Good first ible! I made it! (When I started with the ninja thing, i used paper shuriken. Weren’t deadly enough, now CD SHURIKEN!!)