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Introduction: Paper Skinny Wallet

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Paper Skinny Wallet 纸包钱

Design and make your own paper wallet!

Paper wallet is great for traveller who want a temporary wallet or even as a personalized gift.

Materials that you need:

+ Paper ( 38cm x 32cm)

+ 1 standard card size

+ 1 big piece of money note

For instruction in video : DIY Paper Wallet 纸包钱


Start folding now with our DIY wallet kit which provide some unique paper feature !

+ A synthetic material is very strong and durable

+ It is difficult to tear but can be cut with scissors or a penknife.

+ Water proof

+ More cost-effective & versatile than fabrics

+ Able to personalize the paper by inkjet printing or drawing.


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Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Place the paper on the table.

Place the paper in landscape position in front of you .

Measurement : Length 38cm x Height 32cm.

Step 2:

1 - Fold half

2 - Open Up

Step 3:

1 - Fold right side to the center

2 - Repeat it for the left side

3 - Open up

Step 4:

1 - Fold a triangle shape to the centre of the paper

2 - Repeat step 1 for the other end of the paper

3 - Open up

4 - Using the 2 triangles end point as guideline and fold the bottom paper to the 2 end point.

5 - Open up

Step 5:

1 - Fold a triangle within the box at the corner

2 - Repeat for the another side

3 - Flip it up!

Step 6:

1 - Fold the corner to a triangle shape as seen in the picture.

2 - Fold another triangle shape by folding it in 90 degree. Fold it down and you will get a triangle at the corner which is facing you.

3 - Repeat this for the another side.

You have complete your wallet pockets!

Step 7:

1 - Take your biggest money note and use it as a reference to fold a light guideline. Leave a gap of 2mm spacing on the top and bottom to provide some allowances.

This step do not have specific measurement due to difference in notes size in different countries.

2 - Once you have the guideline, you may fold it.

3 - Flip and fold back the left over up BUT do not align the bottom of your baseline paper, leave a spacing of 2mm.

You have made the pocket for the wallet!

Step 8:

1 - Take a credit card and use it as a reference to fold a guideline. Please leave about 2mm spacing bottom for some allowance.

2 - Once you have the visual guideline, you may fold it.

Step 9:

1 - Open up and flip it around

A divider for your card slots.

2 - Create a guideline for folding.

  • Within the rectangle, fold a triangle at the right corner.
  • Fold the triangle tip baseline and align to longest side triangle (shown in the picture) and open
  • You have created a guideline , align the guide line to the longest side triangle and fully open up.
  • You have created two guidelines. Using the guideline a reference, fold towards the guideline while the side guideline should be aligned as a straight line.

3 - Repeat for the another side

4 - Flip it around

5 - Flip and fold down the top long line as seen in the picture

Step 10: Wrap It Up

1 - Go back to Step 6 (fold back your slot pocket) to Step 8 (fold back your slot).

2 - Flip your slot up to reveal the slot pocket.

3 - Open up your slot pocket and flip inward the corner extra spacing created by the note line.

4 - Repeat for the another side

Step 11: Slot It In!

1 - Now slot the corner into the pocket shown in the picture

2 - Repeat this for the another side

3 - Fold it in half.

You have made your first paper wallet!

Step 12:

Another project from STEAMMETRY, where we conduct craft workshops in Singapore.

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