Paper Snowflake Earrings

Introduction: Paper Snowflake Earrings

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Have you ever made paper snowflakes? If so, have you ever thought about making jewelry out of them? Well now you can make your very own snowflake earrings!

Step 1: Supplies

1. A piece of blank white paper( Pretty self-explanatory in the photo)
2. Scissors( Again, pretty self-explanatory)
3. Wire( You want it to be thin, flexible, and small so you can cut it and manipulate it easily)
4. Earring Hooks ( You can buy them at a craft store or just use some from an old pair of earrings)

Step 2: Making the Snowflake( If You Already Know How to Make a Paper Snowflake, You Can Skip This Step)

1. Place the paper down portrait( With the longer sides on the top and bottom) and cut about four inches off either the left of right side( You can always cut it again for smaller snowflakes)
2. Place that piece portrait and cut it in half vertically down the middle
3. Place both pieces on top of each other, fold half of the paper up and crease it so it makes a triangle with excess on the bottom
4. Cut off the excess on the bottom
5. Fold the triangle in half so it looks like a smaller version of the first triangle
6. Repeat step five
7. Take the side with the crease( That can't flap open) ,fold it in, and crease it so it makes a triangle with excess on the bottom
8. Cut the excess off the bottom
9. Cut the pointed part on the top off( If you want, you can do it at an angle which makes it more interesting)
10. Cut designs out on the bottom and side but be careful you don't cut it in half accidentally( Which I tend to almost always do at the last second) because you will have to start again( Which is SO ANNOYING!)
11.Unfold your snowflakes carefully
12. Congratulations! You have made your very own paper snowflakes! YAY!!!!!

Step 3: Adding the Hooks

1. Cut two pieces of wire at least three inches long
2. Put the pieces of wire through a slit or a hole near the top of the snowflake
3. Put the hooks through the wire
4. Wrap the wire around itself so the hooks stay through the wire

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