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Introduction: Paper Snowflake

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This one cool and easy way to make a paper snowflake and it's awesome and you can also do them in all different sizes and colors.

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Make a Snowflake

Paper, any size just as long as it's a square, tape, stapler, whole puncher and also scissors.
- You will need six pieces of paper (the same size)

Step 2: How to Fold the Paper

Fold all six pieces of paper in half

Step 3: How to Cut

Then take your scissors and cut all six pieces like I did in the picture (look in the picture to find out)

Step 4: How to Put Each Price Together

Now on fold your paper and take the center piece and fold in and tape it then turn it over and do the same then do the same thing with the other two pieces but keep flipping it over until you are done with the taping.

Step 5: Now Staple Them All Together

You want to take the points and staple the middle together then you want to staple the tape sides close together and do that all around the edges.

Step 6: The Last Step

Now pick one of the tops of paper and put a whole punch in it and then put yarn in that whole and tie the yarn. That's all you need to make a awesome paper snowflake,please comment on this and also favorite thank you I hope you like this.

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    6 years ago

    You could have used way more detail and more than one picture for each step.