Paper Storage and Decorating Storage From Wast Paper



Introduction: Paper Storage and Decorating Storage From Wast Paper

About: I am studying in mechanical engineering in India

for these we want only few instrument thats are follow

1 .Wast paper

2.any storage that you like to give shape your paper storage .ex. bowl ,spine,glass




Step 1:

1sprayed oil on bowl for paper is not stick to bowl

Step 2:

cut the paper in Small size

Then apply glue on the paper piece

Then stick the paper on oily bowl

And then create the layer of paper piece.min 3layer

Step 3:

then dry it

Step 4:

then remove these by help of cutter /any thin instrument slowly

Step 5:

then cut the side round edge for give the perfect shape

Step 6:

then color your paper storage

Step 7:

Step 8:



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