Paper Stripe Flower Backdrops

Introduction: Paper Stripe Flower Backdrops

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Hi there,

To day i am sharing another project with paper

Beautiful paper strip flower backdrops for party , wedding,shower,home decor in shades of pink color made with acid free card stock paper


1. pink shade cardstock papers

2. glue

3.scoring board

4. scissors

5.different sizes circle punch ( here i used different sizes bottles caps to trace circles)

6.foam dhesives

7.small flower punch (optional)


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Step 1:

1. score 1/2 inch stripes using scoring board

2. using scissors cut those stripes about 5inch long one edge apply glue and stick another end until they stick (please see the pics)

4. one your stripes are ready take the circle and stick the stripes using glue

Step 2:

5. cover with another cirle

6. stick foam adhesive dots on one of the flower and add another set flower that way it makes 3D appearance

7. on top of the flower you can apply your creativity by using circles or flowers(optional) here i used small flowers

8.Finally paper stripe flower s are ready to decorate your wall.

Thanks for taking time to read my instruct able for more my own hand drawn/hand made products

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