Paper Throwing Knifes

Introduction: Paper Throwing Knifes

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Step 1: This Is What You Will Need

Try to get some corrugated cardboard, after that get some duck tape, scissors, and straws.

Note you can replace the card board with paper.

Step 2: Cut a Diamond.

After you get the materials, get your cardboard/ paper/ and cut a diamond, but make sure that one edge is shorter.

Step 3: Cut Straws in Two

After take a straw, and cut it in two.

Step 4: Cut Again.

After that, take the straw, and cut an inch off one of the ends.


Now take the longer end / of the straw /and your scissors, and split BOTH sides for about a cm.

Step 6: 1+1= Together.

Add the tip and take the straw with the split and
Combine them together.

Step 7: Cover Up

Now cover the knife in duck tape.

Note leave 1/2 cm bare on the straw.

Step 8:

Step 9: Part 2 / Literally /

Now take the small end of the straw and cut 1/2 a circle.

Step 10: Split Up

Now split the straw, in two. After put it on the semi circle. The cover the cardboard in duck tape.

Note: you can cover the split end on the circle, but DO NOT COVER ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!

Step 11: Split One Side.

Now cut ONE side of the none covered piece of straw.

Step 12: Rolling Rolling Rolling

Now take the end that was cut partially and role in to make in smaller.

Step 13: Place Inside.

Now place inside that 1/2 cm of the handle that is not covered in tape.
After cover the whole bottom in duck tape.

Step 14: Done!

These are pretty cool toys I made up, but like everything, don't throw them at peoples faces.

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    These would be great for a costume! They are simple and made from stuff you might have around the house, but they look great!