Paper Vulcano

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Build an easy, fun, paper vulcano.

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Step 1: What You Need

Shoebox (recomended)
Paper (old news paper)
Wood glue
0.5 L bottle or smaller
Baking soda
Food coloring
Brown varnish

Tools: knife, paint brush, duct tape or scotch tape

Step 2: Let’s Start

Cut 0.5 L bottle as shown in picture and glue it together again.
Place bottle inside shoebox and secure with duct tape or scotch tape.

Step 3: Building the Vulcano

Start by placing few pieces of newspaper around bottle.
Cut strips of newspaper and apply wood glue on them.
Stick them around bottle in such way to build an mountain of paper (see pictures).

Step 4: Finishing

Use an hair dryer for faster drying of woodglue.
Apply varnish to give your new vulcano some texture.

Step 5: Let’s Test

Add small amount of water in bottle.
Add baking soda.
Add food coloring.
Add vinegar.

Have fun!

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