Paper Wallet

Introduction: Paper Wallet

This is a paper wallet that's easy to make.

Step 1: Tools Needed and Preparing the Paper:

You will need a ruler, pencil (for marking measurements), and a piece of paper. Optional- you may want to use a bone folder, or an old credit card to crease the folds. Also, you can seal the wallet with Mod Podge for added durability, and embellish with whatever you desire. Get creative and do some original doodles, zentangling etc. I left mine plain because I like my paper. :) Have Fun!

First off:

Measure and cut a piece of paper (scrapbook, recycled, etc., or an old envelope which is what I used) 10" length x 8 1/2" width.

Step 2: Begin Folding:

Turn the decorative paper over if there is a blank side. This will be the inside of your wallet. Fold the right side and the left side inward to meet at the center and crease well.

Step 3: Next Folding Step:

Turn your decorative paper around on the good side (decorative side) facing upward, and fold up the bottom flap 1".

Step 4: Next Folding Step:

Turn the paper over with the blank side facing up, and fold up the bottom 3 1/4". Remember to keep the previous fold down from the last step.

Step 5: Next Folding Step:

Fold down the flap you created in step 3 and crease well. You should have 2 1/4" up from the bottom. See the second photo.

Step 6: Next Folding Step:

Fold the 2 corners at the bottom up to the white flap edge. You will have 2 small corner flaps sticking out in the white flap across. see second photo. You will need to tuck these in (under-reverse fold them). See pic 3.

Step 7: Folding Up the Bottom:

Fold the bottom corners inward as shown in the photo. Now you have created the bottom of the wallet. :)

Step 8: Begining to Fold the Top Closure:

Fold down the top right and the top left corner to the center as if making a paper airplane.

Step 9: Continuing the Folding of the Flap:

Next, fold up the bottom corners of the right and left side as shown in the picture.

Step 10: Starting to Secure the Folds for the Flap:

Next, open up the folds and pull down the inner corner that is sitting on the center fold. This part is a little tricky to explain, therefore refer to photo. In photo one, the right side is done and in photo two, the left side is done. When you open them both together, you will tuck one side over the other. (The 2 pointy flaps over one another.) See pic 3. Now, it should look like pic 4.

Step 11: Tucking in the Fold for the Flap. Almost Done, Hang in There!

Tuck in the bottom triangle under the space beneath it. See pic 1. Then your wallet should look like pic 2.

Step 12: Final Step! Yay!

Pull flap over and tuck the point of the triangle under the white flap. See pic 1 and 2. Add some fun origami money and you're good to go!! (pic 3)

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    5 years ago

    This looks great.


    5 years ago

    You know... I have some of those tyvek FedEx envelopes that I wanted to do something with, this would do nicely.