Paper Water Plane--a Boat and a Plane

Introduction: Paper Water Plane--a Boat and a Plane

This was inspired by just playing around with paper planes, mainly one that hopefully could become the prototype of an airfoil enabled paper plane. There are 2 versions of this plane, both of which can stay afloat for At least one minute, definitely long enough to at least start a rescue mission. I could not really get a distance reading on this plane as It kept crashing into stuff. Mainly stuff at the other end of the room I was at. If you like this instructable then check out some of my others.

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Step 1: The Fuselage

First fold the plane width-wise, then fold the two corners in and crease them. Fold the plane in half along the first fold you made and then fold the wings. The fuselage should be a centimeter high. While you're here, cut about 2 inchs along the line where the paper with two layers meets the bit with one layer.

Step 2: The Floats--throwing the Plane

Fold the free rectangle lengthwise to meet the spot about an inch from the end. Then fold the two corners down. Fold the remaining bit of paper down.Tthen fold the entire float down and open it up a bit. Repeat on the other side. Your paper plane Is nearly done! The first version Is to part of the wing up to create a vertical stabilizer. The second version Is to cut that bit off. Your paper plane Is done! experiment with different amounts of paperclips on the nose. for version 1 I found 2 worked and for version 2 I found 3 worked. To throw the plane draw your arm back and chuck it. Please comment if you liked this Instructable or had any trouble with the steps.

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