Paper Wearable Art From Newspaper

Introduction: Paper Wearable Art From Newspaper

About: hello people, i am hobbiest as well as architecture and designing student. i love to explore different materials. i work with wood, concrete, leather, paper, clay. i love painting and sculpture making.

Hello everyone,

I am here with my Instructable, which is a dress made out of newspaper. making dress out of paper is quite interesting and difficult too, because paper is a delicate material and you have to be very careful with it. i love to make things out of paper and exploring new things with the same material. The dress which i had made is designed by me and it was for one of a show in which i designed it. This dress is unique and beautiful but at the same time there are some problems too with it, which is because of the material. Like it won't prevent sweat, so make sure you are wearing some protection inside from sweat or else it can spoil your dress. another thing is it's paper so you have to be careful with it. rather than this it's absolutely perfect for fashion shows, fancy dress or some parties. I will guide you here with all the steps. This dress is basically in 3 parts upper part, lower part (inner skirt) and lower part ( outer flowery part). For making this dress you need 2 basic things in bulk, which you have to prepare first. 1st is paper straws and 2nd is this flowers which is there in the dress. I had weaved upper part of the dress so i will also teach you the way of weaving. I had made this according to my body so do it according to yours, still i am going to show you the sizes i followed.Remember we are making an art piece and for art we don't need to be so much technical so feel free to explore and let's the artist inside you to come out. you definitely have to take care about your body fitting but or else you don't need to be so precise in sizes, you don't need to follow my sizes blindly, make according to your body and look. you have to tackle the material with delicacy. As there is always a room for improvements so feel free to give suggestions and ask questions if you have any doubts. so let's get started........





wool or thick string or ribbon


  • Cut the news paper in equal rectangles. i used the size of 15cm/30cm. you can make it according to you. it's not necessary to follow my sizes.
  • Take bamboo screwer and start rolling it from one end.
  • Roll till the end and tape it.
  • Make so many of them.
  • You don't need to be so much precise and make each to exact same size.


  • Take newspaper size of around a3 (again you don't need to be so precise, it's ok if you have little bigger or little smaller than a3)
  • Use longer side to fold. fold it first on top side (around 3cm folded area).
  • Than flip it to the back side and fold.
  • Again flip to front and fold and do so till the end.
  • Now you have folded strip. you have to cut it from middle.
  • Now you have 2 parts of strip.
  • put one part on another.
  • mark middle line and make small cuts no both side. ( note: don't cut it in 4 pieces, you just have to make small cuts)
  • Now take a string or wool, insert in one side of cut than from down insert to another cut and make a knot. cut unwanted part of string.
  • now you have flower but it have 4 different part which you have to stick with the tape and make it a 1 flower.
  • Make so many of them and also make some 10 to 12 pieces of smaller size.


  • Take a piece of news paper, size according to your front upper part. here first we only need the part which we are going to weave, which is only front part and not back so only take a piece of paper which is sized according to your front size and later on we will add back part. (size which i had used is 35 to 37cm under arm start point to another under arm start point and height of 27 cm)
  • The whole size of my upper area is 80cm and i am here making only half part(35 to 37 cm according to my size) of it. which is front part.
  • Don't use single paper, it will be very flimsy and easily tearable so take 3 to 4 same size pieces and tape them or use full news paper (folded).
  • Now we are going to weave it. so let's start with paper straws.
  • first put paper straws vertically and put it into same distance and keep it in even numbers( straws should be in even numbers like 4,6,8,10....)
  • Stick the straws on the back side of paper with tape. make sure you dont tape the front part because you have to weave another straws in that later.
  • Take another straws and start weaving from 1st member.


  • Start from top. In first vertical straw, pass horizontal member from down. now pass the member from up of the 2nd vertical straw. down in 3rd and up on 4th and so on.If straw end in between, take another and resume doing it. weave till top to bottom.
  • Stick the ends on back.
  • Now take a same size of paper and stick it on back side of weaved area to cover ugly ends.
  • Now we have front part ready and we have to make back part.
  • For the back part measure your burst and minus front part from it (example: if my burst is of 80cm i will minus 37 cm from it, so i ll get 43cm)
  • Now take paper (3 to 4 pieces together), size (length)you get after calculation and (height will be same as front part) and stick both the ends to the front parts ends. and cut the back side from centre of back. fold little and tape it.
  • Now you have full front part. which is yet to complete with tying of back with string or wool and shoulder part.


  • Take a paper (single paper) of same height and start rolling it to 1 direction.
  • Make roll and tape it to the ends of the back part.
  • keep spaces in between, so later on you can pass string from them.
  • Do this to both the ends.
  • Take the string or wool. pass it from top to bottom into the gaps you have put in the end of back part.
  • Make crosses.
  • Make total 3 cross, so you will get 3 bows after tying the string.


  • Take small flowers which we had made before.
  • Take string and tape the flowers on the string and you get pretty shoulder part which you have to attach with upper part of dress.
  • Here i had made it only for 1 shoulder according to my design. you can add on 2nd if you want to.


  • Take newspaper of your waist size. I had taken 88cm length from waist and height of 38cm(till nees) and end length of 115. which covers front and back both.
  • Stick paper straws in full length and let it be random and not so precise with 38cm height.
  • Make paper roll like we did before to ends of the skirt.
  • Pass string or wool and make cross pattern.( we make cross pattern because it is stronger to hold it. you can use some other patterns too to tie string.)
  • And your skirt is ready.

Step 7: LOWER PART-2

  • Now we are going to make lower flowery part. your skirt's string portion is front so take care of that while making this.
  • Put the skirt on some stool.
  • Attach newspapers on back part of the skirt to both the sides.
  • It's height should be according to yours. it will look awesome if you will put it little longer than your height.
  • Attach flowers which you had made before to all over the newspaper you had recently attached to the back.
  • Stick them with tape.

Now appreciate your creative work and enjoy wearing it. It was difficult but i am sure you had fun. d

Do share with me if you really like it.


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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I have seen a no. of paper dresses now but yours is something cute! But my question remains the same for all, what happens when it rains? just kidding! The dress is beautiful and so are you.. all the best.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you so much...... and i have ans of your question and that is you are never going to wear it in regular life its on special occasions like fashion shows or some parties so and you can use fabric inside too.


    2 years ago

    I like the flower on your dress, they are beautiful. Well done!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you so much.