Paper Airsoft Silencer/ Plus Better Accuracy!




Introduction: Paper Airsoft Silencer/ Plus Better Accuracy!

An airsoft silencer that also adds acuracy if you put it on the gun right.

It really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the tools you will need.
The marker is optinal it can be any color.
The grey knex rod is only needed at the beginning.

Step 2: First Things First. the Barrel

Take the grey knex piece andwrap it up in the paper. use it to make the barrel. MAKE IT AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN. The tighter you get it the more accurate it is.
make it tighter than it looks in the picture.

Step 3: Next Putting It Into the Gun.

Sorry about the bad pictures.
take the end that sticks out the most and put into the barrel of the gun. Make sure the airsoft bb can fall throngh the barrel.

Step 4: Almost Done

Your almost done.
now add tape aroune the silencer and the end of the gun.
Then you can color it if you want. you can color it black, grey , red ,pink , orange, yellow, purple, violet.ect...........


Just line un the sights on the gun and the end of the silencer and make sure its on tight. IT might wobble but not alot.

If you ever make it better or upgrade it just tell me.



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    19 Discussions

    I just stuck the metal barrel from another airsoft gun into the orange tip of my m1911A1 pistol and it works. It appears slight quieter but can't say much about accuracy. I bet this works better than all your pen/paper kiddie shit.

    I can't seem to make the paper barrel fit in my gun

    A silencer works by having a bigger opening on the end of a barrel, allowing the compressed air to fill up a closed space quickly so it doesn't rush out with a loud bang like it would otherwise.

    Something like that, but this is the same size as the barrel or only slightly larger, meaning it will mostly only improve your accuracy, and not silence that much. Make the tube wider, it will not be quite as accurate, but it will be more effective as a silencer.

    or you can get two metal pipes one of them being the inner barrel and getting two washers and drill like ten holes or as many as you want on the inner barrel and put a pipe(i prefer using copper)snugly over the washers and there you go

    *walks into tree* you get a wasted silencer. lol.
    any extension of the barrel is goin to mess with accuracy unless it like came with the gun.

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    If you line it up right, it will improve accuracy, so you really can't say it will always screw it up. Also, if it is crooked, it will still have more accuracy, just not in the direction you want it to be in.

    I tried the pen thing and it didn't really make a difference.

    You could use a pen instead of paper, and that might reduce the wobbling

    dude, seriously? most guns come with a flash suppresor, and if not just buy one on ebay. but good effort!

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     can u plzgive me a link cause i really need an airsoft gun as my othe rcheap 2 broke and theres no shops on this stupid island

    I tried putting a small piece of pvc pipe on it, and now mine works like pump action.

    hehe @$$ i have that air soft gun in camo version it it can outshoot the DE plus i have the rifle too and 5thou bbs so suck it

    I was pleasently suprised actually. I have the Stinger p30 that you have and I did it and before I couldn't shoot a thing and with this i hit it perfectly. It did slow th bb a little but not enough to bug me. What I did what I did was rolled up the first paper then taped a second peice to it and rolled that. That way it fit perfectly in my gun. Right on the tip of the barrel. Thanks alot.

    please be aware that although a longer barrel increases accuracy, it does decrease the speed of the BB.

    put it this way, i wouldnt put that on an airsoft pistol if you paid me, it would slow the bb down and kill the hop up!And it looks silly just buy a marui