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Introduction: Paper and Potpourri Garland

About: I've been making things since I can remember. Paper and Felt are my favorite materials. I can basically anything out of those two.

 I've been creating things out of paper and felt for most of my life. As a kindergarten teacher, I"m always trying to come up with new things. 

You can visit my webpage to see more of my creations at:

I came up with the idea of the garland when I had way too much potpourri at home. I thought this might be a good decorative idea to use potpourri. The steps are really easy but does take a lot of patience. The end product is very pretty and unique! So, start sewing now!

I hope you make this at home!

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Step 1: Materials

For this 7 feet garland you will need:

-4 Sheets of white paper (or any color)
-Sewing Machine
-White thread
-Lid (to trace the circles)

The circles should be about 2 x 2 inches. I used a lid to measure mine, but they don't have to be any specific size. 

Step 2: Method

 1. Draw and cut 30 circles in your white paper.What I did was fold the paper in four, draw three circles and cut. That way I got 12 circles per paper, but only had to cut three times. (you can see in the pictures how I folded my paper)

2. Choose which potpourri pieces you're going to use. They must be flat and fine enough to fit in the sewing machine. You'll need about 28 pieces. 

3. Now it's time to sew. Be patient it may take longer than you think if you're not experienced, but it's easy enough for everyone, so don't get frustrated. 

4. Start with a paper circle. Put in in your machine so that the needle will go right through the center of the paper piece. 

5. Keep feeding the circles and the potpourri alternating them. Starting and finishing with paper. Look at the pictures so you have an idea how to do it. You'll have to feed each piece carefully and sew a bit slower than you'd normally do with fabric. Don't leave spaces between the pieces. 

If you sew slowly, the pieces won't break. You can leave a space between each piece if you want, it's completely your choice. 

Step 3: End Product

 You should end up with a beautiful and scented garland that looks almost like this one. You can use different colors and sizes, use your imagination. I'll post more garlands with different designs. For now, you can see the rest of my items at

This is a great and different way to use potpourri. Experiment with other designs and scents. I used Apple scented potpourri.

If you have any questions, email me, I'll be glad to help you. 

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