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Introduction: Paper Book Marks (Costumizable)

In this instructable I'll show you to make an EASY book mark that can be finished in under a minute (my record is 25 seconds!) The reason I said "Costumizable" is because on this instructable you can costumize your book mark in Shape not in color. If you are just a beginer on making origami then this insructable is yours! P.S. Good luck :) and please vote for me!    

Step 1: What You'll Need

You'll need:
. Normal paper
. scissors
. ruler (optional)
. and two hands (hope you aren't handless!)

Step 2: Folding

first lay out a sheet of paper tall ways, and fold it in half two times. Use the ruler (don't have to) and measure about 5 inches,at five inches fold or cut the left-overed piece of paper. Now for the cutting. 

Step 3: Cutting (shape Your Book Mark)

The most important part of this instructable is shaping the book mark. To shape your book mark cut a design with the scissors. When you done take out the other pieces of paper, they'll be the same exact design when you shake out all the paper. (Sort of like a copier machine without putting a piece of paper into a coiper machine.) If you cut yours in half but still put some style into it pick which side is best with you (if you don't like either throw both pieces away and do step 1 and 2 again.) 

Step 4: Adding Pieces (optional)

If you want to add more to your book mark you can add some stickers or glue some feathers. you actually can add anything you want (it's your choice!)This is the first one I made. (Not the best, in fact I don't really like it!)

Step 5: Your Done :)

See, that was easy now that you're done use that book mark or better, MAKE MORE BOOK MARKS!!! It's a hobby of mine to make origami. Are you wondering how to make the book mark I made on the intro photo? Well I made a design then I unfolded it to make it bigger and it sort of looked like a wierd looking tree. To make some other cool origami go to thanks for seeing and have fun! :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I always just tear a corner off a scrap piece of paper or use a gum wrapper or something. I tend to lose all my real bookmarks... :/