Soft Button Noise Machine

Do you want to take over the world? or just annoy your roommate? This should probably do the trick (to annoy someone, taking over the world is a little far fetched)

Step 1: Materials

For This Instructable you need:

* a piece of tin foil (or other conductive materials)
* electrical wire
* tape
* Polyurethane sponge (with scouring pad)


* a knife (i used my scalpel) or scissors


* hacked USB keyboard

Step 2: Rip It Apart

Start out by removing the scouring pad from the sponge (we only need this part).
Cut it in two and cut a round hole in the middle.

Step 3: Fan It Out

Strip the end of a piece of wire and fan it out, 
Tape this to a piece of tin foil and fold it to the size of the scouring pad.

Repeat this step

Step 4: Tape It Down

Place the foil wire combination on two sides of the scouring pad and secure them with a piece of tape.

Step 5: Hook It Up

I taped mine to a cap and hooked them up to the 6 and 7 button of a keyboard  and scripted a couple of lines in processing to create the noise.

The .zip files contains the script.



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