Paper Dove, Bird Ornament

Introduction: Paper Dove, Bird Ornament

This is an easy to make one piece bird ornament.

Step 1:

Materials Needed

8.5 by 11 inch card stock

Tools Needed

craft knife
cutting mat
the two pdf files that are attached

Step 2:

Print the pdf files to the card stock.
The Dove1.pdf is one large pattern per sheet
and the Dove3.pdf is three smaller patterns per sheet

Cut out the bird using scissors or craft knife on a cutting mat.
Use the craft knife to cut slits on the two lines on the body of the bird.
You can either use a small hole punch to make holes for the two eyes
or just make them black with a pen.
The two marks close to the center are for the hanger, I usually wait to make this hole last.
Fold the bird in half along its back.

Step 3:

Open the folded bird enough to take the tip of a wing and bring it to the inside and back out through the slit in the body.
In the second image you can see that the wing is folded down flat.  The angle of this fold will determine the angle of the wing to the body.  I have folded part of the body over at the front edge, this gives a wing that the front edge is about perpendicular to the body when finished.  Try different angles to get the look you like.
Fold the second wing the same way you did the first.

Step 4:

Now fold the bird body back together and put a dab of white glue, or use a glue stick, to glue the head together.
Make a hole for the hanger.  I used a piece of thread for the hanger as these birds are very light.
Depending where you put the hole will make your bird level, or pointing up or down.
I like to vary the position a little that way they do not all look just the same.

The larger bird has a wing span of about 6 inches and the small one is about 5 inches.

These could also be made smaller for a smaller ornament.
You could try using colored or patterned card stock for these.
I thought I would spray one with spray adhesive and then put a colored glitter on it but I have not tried this yet.
If you have any ideas for decorating these, please pass them along.

Thanks for looking at this

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