Paper Fan Necklace

Introduction: Paper Fan Necklace

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Now, here is a way of turning old magazine pages into trendy jewelry.Flaunt them with style and create a great style statement. Here is a simple way of creating a nice necklace

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Step 1: Things You Need:

  • old magazine
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • glue
  • chain
  • wire loops

Step 2: Making Process:

  • take a magazine page, Cut out rectangles of about 5x2.5 inches.You will need atleast 6-7 of these rectangles.
  • Now begin folding each rectangles to a fan pattern. Start from one end, fold about half an inch, turn the paper over and fold half an inch again. You get a fan fold.
  • Next, fold the fan into half and glue the same for the rest of them. I have glued two to the fans midway between the center to get something abstract.
  • Arrange the fans alternate to the side they open and decide a final design ,once done glue them all.insert loops to the ends.
  • Attach a chain to it and its all done!....You can try different shape and sizes too.

Step 3: This Is How It Looks

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