Paper Flower Night Lamp .




Introduction: Paper Flower Night Lamp .

Flower night lamp . Paper+pocket lamp +glas .....
You need 7 piece of printer paper
Pocket lamp

for rose from chocolate paper look

for amazing rose from paper look

for Paper Rose Ball . Easy for everybody.

paper flower ball

the other paper crafts videos

Step 1: Make Flowers

From 6 piece of paper make 11 flowers as on foto.

Step 2: Connect 11 Flowers

The numbers tell you the way you must connect 1,2,3 .... 25
Connect using stapler.

Step 3: At Last

Take the pocket lamp and piece of paper.
Make as on foto.



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    15 Discussions

    On which website must i find the wriiten methods of this beautiful flower?
    pls hlp!!

    hi umm can you please do it slowly so we can follow up when doing it.

    Its sort of hard to follow, but if I read it over again a few times I might get it. nice effect, I have been looking for something like this to recommend to my art teach.

    wow... thats amazing... the video is too fast.. hahahaa.. I will try it....

    The tube in the middle can easy be hole-punched and laced with LEDS! Its a wonderful effect! Nice job.

    hey, I got a good idea; make the tube that you put the flashlight in longer, then use a hole puncher or scissors to make random holes in the extended part of the tube, so light will be all over the flower. even better, glue small slivers of aluminum foil to the flower to reflect more light.

    This is gorgeous for table setting too - you should send to Martha Stewart!

    clever clever --- thanks for posting. You're a paper genius ;-)