Paper Folder Studs



Introduction: Paper Folder Studs

Today I will show you how to make studs for your paper folders from the prongs to hold the paper.

Step 1: Materials

You will need
1. paper folder with prongs
2. utility or pocket knife

Step 2: Take Out Prongs

Open up your folder and you will find three metal prongs. First rip out the prongs and then rip out the ring. Make sure no excess paper is stuck to either piece.

Step 3: Poking the First Hole

Find where you want your prong and poke a small hole behind it. Then stick the prong through the hole. You want it to slightly rip to make a very tight fit. After you have done that slip the ring over both ends of the prong.

Step 4: Bending and Poking Second Hole

Take the longer prong and bend like shown in the picture. Turn the folder over and poke another hole where the prong should be going through. Stick the prong through the hole and bend it back 180 degrees so it meets the first hole you poked on the inside of the folder.

Step 5: Locking the First Prong and Bending the Second

On the inside of your folder you should find the ring that originally held the prong to the paper. Bend this to the other side over the long prong. This does two things locks the long prong in place and makes an opening for the shorter one. After this repeat step 4 only this time with the shorter prong.

Step 6: Flatten Out Stud (optional)

If you want you can squeeze the stud with pliers to make it more flat.

Step 7: Your Done!

Enjoy your super duper awesome folder!

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Also please give me suggestions for my Instructables making, I think I might be finally getting the hang of this!

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