Paper Gun Sniper Rifle




Introduction: Paper Gun Sniper Rifle

This is my paper sniper rifle i made. its a bit ugly cause its my proto type. if i make instructables of it i will make is cooler for you guys but theirs only 1 way that i post instructables of this gun. that is if i get 10 subscriver from this slide show. if not then i guess no one wants instructables so show it to your friends and tell them to subscrive TY

-scope will work 60% of the time

- this rifle will shoot about 7-22 feet

- its cool. hope you all like it _



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    Is there any specific way to make the dart?

    how do u make that


    I like it

    im just starting to make this . dont a sk about my name

    normal printer size paper. um subscrive to me and il maybe post this next week

    so you gonn post it or not? please say yes! bye the way , i created a crossbows and slingshots group. care to join?

    um ok. and YES i will post this gun but not now. i need a other subscriver so plz tell a friend or something haha and look up my other paper gun i made