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Introduction: Paper Guns

This is my paper guns yes they shoot and il maybe make some instructables later on ok?



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    I made a paper machine gun that is semi-auto that u pull a trigger and it shoots!! hard to explane. and also a sniper that shootes 100 meters by pulling a trigger!!

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    wow soooooo cool it helped me a lot of how to make a paper gun. yeah, helped me a lot :I

    nice good jobnot myfavorite choice of guns but nice job

    i make lots of paper and cardboard guns 2 those are pretty cool

    Try not to crincle the paper like on the pistol other than that its pretty good.

    OMG these people are stupid you blow threw one end of the gun like a dart gun. but dude those guns are pretty sweet i made some before and it takes a wile some times. and please show how to make them,