Paper Hat




Introduction: Paper Hat

How to make a paper hat

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Step 1: Paper Hat 1

Take a paper. You can choose which one. 

Step 2: Paper Hat 2

Take one single sheet of paper.

Step 3: Paper Hat 3

Fold your sheet.

Step 4: Paper Hat 4

Fold the corners.

Step 5: Paper Hat 5

Do the same thing with the other corner.

Step 6: Paper Hat 6

Fold the bottom strip to the top. 

Step 7: Paper Hat 7

Turn your paper. Fold again the other bottom strip to the top.

Step 8: Paper Hat 8

Fold the corners so you don't see them.

Step 9: Paper Hat 9

Now you have a triangle. Take him in the middle and fold it over. 

Step 10: Paper 10

Now you should have a diamond.

Step 11: Paper Hat 11

Take the bottom corner and fold it over. Now you have a triangle.

Step 12: Paper 12

Now you have a paper hat! You can put it on your head!

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