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This paper mp5 is yhe best paper gun in the world!!! It even hurts to get shot some times.

Step 1: Things You Need

The things you need are:
You are now fully prepared for the things to come!!!( fun things)

Step 2: Build the Tubes

Roll three tubs starting the long way. Try to get them to be identical. If you can make them the size of your index finger. Make sure to tape every thing.

Step 3: Make the Base Shape

Wrap the three tubes that you made with a sheet of paper longways. Make sure to tape every thing.

Step 4: Even More Tubes

Make one tube about twice as bigger than the other ones. Fold that one short ways. Make another tube smaller and that fits snugly in the three some we made. Fold that one long ways. Fold a third one long ways about the size if your ring finger. Tape everything!!!

Step 5: Making Stuff Square

Square off the big three some we made on both sides. The biggest tube we made, square that off too then cut it in half. Remember to tape every thing. Cut the square tube (not the three some) at an angle on one side. Tape every thing!!!!!

Step 6: Making the Handle

Take one of the big squared pieces and tape it to the three some like in the picture. Throw the other piece away. Tape every thing!!!

Step 7: Making Tke Shoulder Pad Thingy

Take the smallest tube and cut it in half. Stick the two in the bottom two holes and tape once you got it too the length you want it. Tape your last piece to the back of the too rolls that stick out. Then cut it at angle at the top. Trim the roll to the length of the handle. Tape every thing!!!!!!!!

Step 8: Make the Scope and Part of the Clip

To make the scope cut a piece of paper in half. Fold one half in half long ways and tape. Fold in half again long ways and tape. Roll it around your index finger and then tape. Tape it to the top of the gun near the end.

To make a part of the clip you take the piece you cut away in the previous step and square it off. Cut a hole on the bottom of the gun almost in the middle but more in the front like the picture. Make sure the squared off piece fits then tape it in. Cut it about an inch once it is taped in.

Step 9: Making the Blowing Tube/ Reloader

To make the blowing tube you roll a sheet of paper long ways so it fits snugly on the top hole of the three some. Cut a hole in the gun in between the handle and part of the clip. Make sure to only cut the outside skin and the top tube. Tape it all down. Push the tube through till you see it in the hole.
Use the part of the clip thing, we cut before. Flatten it the fold it Long ways two times. Then fold it two times then tap it all flat.

Now here comes the tricky part;
*Cut two pieces of tape then tape the paper flap to the end of the blowing tube WHILE it is in the top part of the gun through the hole we cut earlier. Remember tap every thing!!!!

Step 10: Adding Signature Parts of the Mp5

First we will stuff the handle. Roll a tube the size as the blowing tube we made earlier then cut it in half. Then stuff it in the handle with both tubes the trim the remainder. Take one piece of the remainder and flatten it. Then tape it to the bottom of the handle to hold the tubes in.

Now for the angled cut at the bottom front. First cut out all of the first tube on the bottom front. Then cut a piece of paper in half and then half again. Use that piece to cover your cut at the bottom at an angle. Trim the extra then tape.

Now for the thing in the front. Roll a tube short ways the size as the blowing tube the stick it in the bottom most tube until it sticks out about one and a half inches then tape.

Step 11: The Clip

Fold a piece of paper in half. Cut out the shape of the clip, like mine. Make sure it fits in The other part of the clip we already attached to the gun. Cot off the joint of the paper and tape it to both sides of the clip making it 3-D. It should fit in your gun, if it doesn't try again. It took me like 4 tries to get it right.
I consider this the hardest part.

Step 12: The Final Product

Stick the clip in the way I show in the picture. Thats about it. I hope you enjoyed making the gun with me.

Now if you want bullets go search paper gun bullets on Instructables, I also added that.



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    4 years ago on Step 8

    thank youuuuuu but i add some trigger made m4 agaij


    7 years ago on Introduction

    totally awesome! i made it and it shoots awesome!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks nothing like an mp5, if u want it to be better do what i did and trace gun on to card board and layer it and it will look realistic


    8 years ago on Step 5

    i think he means to fold it into a square/rectangle... i dunno im just guessing


    8 years ago on Step 10

    o if you need more info email me at


    8 years ago on Step 10

    hey whats up um ive been trying this for a long time i still can get but i need to see what it actualy look like with my own eyes so can you send ont to me at 5430 9th street south


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    im sry I does look good its just that the clip should line up with the actionthe place with the bolt and where the casting comes flying out