Paper Plane !

Introduction: Paper Plane !

Hi ! I came up with this a little bit later than I made a plane from a book with super cool planes . However all the planes in that book required lots of folding , cutting , using staplers , so you really couldn't make them anywhere , and it was almost impossible to remember them ! So I decided to make a simplified version of that plane . You can use staplers in this plane too , to make it look better , but that's optional . And noteworthy , this plane flies for extremely short distances and usually makes turns . There are ways to fix this problems but they require real knowledge .

So lets get started ! The first thing you'll need is paper . Recycled paper is also good , actually better , because you won't be "waste"ing papers .

The other materials are optional but make your work better . A pen , stapler and ruler .

You also need a perfectly flat surface . Like a paperback book , or piece of hard cardboard , or just a flat table .

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Step 1: FOLDING - PART 1

I used a standard A4 so I'd know the dimensions and fold easier , although it didn't become really good . You should find the middle of the paper so your airplane would look better . If your paper is A4 then it should be 10.75 cm (picture ! this part is confusing to explain in text)

Now fold the paper like the picture . Then repeat (again, picture) and then turn the paper (and another picture) and fold the other side (previous picture explains this)

Step 2: FOLDING - PART 2

Now it's time to make wings ! One of the reasons this plane can't fly far is that it has small wings , and that's because it has a pair of small wings in front of it (to look cooler !) . Follow the pictures because explaining how to fold in text is impossible . You can use a ruler to make good folds .

Now your plane is ready . You can do the next optional step to make it look better .


Now you can fold the back of your plane like the 2 photos .

Another optional step is to fold the 2 little wings from the middle and use a stapler / some glue to hold it in that form so it looks more realistic . (photo)

Now your plane is finished :D Have fun .

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