Paper Sketch to Prototype: 3D Printed Knob

Introduction: Paper Sketch to Prototype: 3D Printed Knob

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Recently I designed a low-cost electronic knob using Texas Instruments inductive sensing IC, LDC1312. For the Mechanical part of it I used ProtoDnD and got help from a 3D designer to convert my idea into a 3D model. Here is how a paper sketch was converted to a 3D model and 3D printed.

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Step 1: Visit and Start a New Project

ProtoDnD is a platform to get 3D Models made from real designers. Its very cheap to get a 3D model made, I paid $30 for this project.

Step 2: Upload Paper Sketch

Upload any relevant images/docs/description which you can share with a designer to get started on the design. You can also annotate images that you upload to be clear and specifc about your 3D model requirements.

Step 3: Work With Designer

Once the quote is accepted, designer starts working on your project. You can also send a message or share images or other documents with designer in your project dashboard on ProtoDnD.

ProtoDnD also has tools to annotate STL to specify a feature modification in 3D.

Payment is released to designer when the design is accepted as final.

Step 4: Finally 3D Print

This model was 3D printed on MakerBot.

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    3 Discussions

    ya, thats a great resource. I wanted to get a push button mechanism and couple of other features in the knob, which was not able to implement on Thingiverse.


    On a related note, thingiverse has a customizable knob generator where you can create your own custom knobs with tons of different characteristics.

    Click the link, then click "open in customizer"