Paper Snowflakes




This is a short tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes the right way.

Step 1: Aquire a Piece of Paper.

Just go find a piece of paper and some scissors.

Step 2: Fold

fold the piece of paper in half. This first fold doesn't really matter so the fold can be as sloppy as you want.

Step 3: Fold Again

Fold the paper in half again. This fold has to be pretty. (Sort of)

Step 4: Fold One More Time

This step is a little tricky. Fold it into thirds at the closed corner. You have to kind of eyeball it at first then adjust.

Step 5: Cut

Now you are going to keep the paper closed up and cut off the ugly flappy part and cut out a design.

Step 6: Open

Now you are going to open up the paper to reveal your snowflake.

Step 7: Crease

Now what I like to do is reverse all of the creases to make the snowflake lay flat and not go back into a goofy flop.

Step 8: Done

and now you're done with your snowflake. Go hang it up in a window or on your wall for everyone to see. Merry Christmas. :)



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    3 years ago

    That was really cool. My turn now. Lol