Paper Sticks Made Easy!

Introduction: Paper Sticks Made Easy!

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 I have seen the paper sticks on instructables' two members "parowe" and "tevers94". If you would like to see their instructables type in the search box "paper sticks" and the results will list many instructables, and, of course, their instructables are titled "paper sticks". My means of making the paper sticks are different, and the only tool needed for you to do it is a stick! 

Step 1: Materials Needed

 Here are the only materials needed to make a paper stick:
 - A paper of any size
 - Tape of any type
 - A stick with a diameter and length of your choosing

Step 2: Construction

   Here's the easy part. Watch the videos and view the pictures first. It'll tell you what to do. If you're still confused, just watch the video again. If the video doesn't work just follow my instructions. Place the stick in the same position as picture 1 below. Roll the paper with the stick and make sure it's fairly tight, then you'll get the product in picture 3. Tape the middle of the roll and take the stick out. Now, tape the ends of the paper stick. After you've done all those, you're supposed to have the final product in picture 5. The whole point of the stick is to assist in rolling the paper. 

Production time for high quality paper sticks: 50 seconds
Production time for medium quality paper sticks: less than 40 seconds
Production time for low quality paper stick: less than 20 seconds

Step 3: Possible Uses

 There are so many uses of these paper sticks that even I was intrigued, the hard way. Well, it doesn't really hurt the first time, but my friend put something inside the stick that made it hurt. I was going to take another picture of myself with the completed product, and then the surprise attack came. Here's a picture of me being struck. Anyway, you could also use the stick for more peaceful purposes like for a picture frame or something like that. Please rate and comment on my work. Next stop, near-indestructible paper sticks!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    oh yeah, it would be thinner and more sturdy if you would wrap it 1 time around the skewer, smear a semi-thick line of glue on the rolled edge (inside, where the skewer meets the paper) and roll applying pressure.
    i'll make an 'ible when i'm free


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Small projects and the like (for instance, a working model of a crossbow etc.). Other than that, I can't think of anything else.


    10 years ago on Step 3

    no need to disclose ur identity, i kno3 you....
    pun intended....
    your next challenge, make an instructable on how to give ME kno3


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

    It's easy, i just deliver it to you personally in some un/disclosed location.