Paper Tack Darts!

Introduction: Paper Tack Darts!

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This will teach you how to make tack darts made from paper and a tack! 

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Step 1: The Elements

Materials needed: Tape, paper or stick notes, hot glue. (optional)

Step 2: Constructing Thy Dart's Body

First, roll up the first sticky note/paper. secure with tape. Tape the bottom of the tack to the paper roll as shown. then take about 1 inch off the other paper and wrap it around the tack and paper roll. Tape as shown.

Step 3: The Stabilizers

First, cut the left over paper into identical triangles. tape them to the side of the body as in the picture, with tape.
OPTIONAL STEP: Fill the hollow body with your hot glue gun, to make it stiffer.

Step 4: Finish

How to throw:
Hold it like a pencil, then throw like a dart.
Do not throw at pets, humans, other mammals, and stuff like that.
Good to use for the balloon dart game! (See my other instructables.)
You can fold the stabilizers of the dart one way so it spins while it flies through the air!

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