Paper Towel Stand.

Introduction: Paper Towel Stand.

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Again Mr. Cheapo here is looking for ways of doing things without spending a lot of money. Tis is another coat hanger creation. Nice because I did not want to hang anything on the wall, have something that was not disposable or not easily transportable. Try this at your own risk. Slight chance of eye injury if not used carefully. Nor a children's project. For adults only.

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Step 1: What's Needed:

Paper towels
1 coathanger
Tape (duct tape is preferred)


Step 2: Unbend and Bend Coat Hanger.

You can cut off the top if it will make it easier for you. I chose to kee the added length.
Unbend coat hanger into one long line.
from the center measure out about 2.75 inches and make a mark at those points.
Bend tose points so that the hanger lookw like 3 sides of a rectangle.
Measure up about 5 1/2 inches up the long tines.
Now bend the tines back towards the original bends so it sort of looks like an "M".
Try to keep the "M" section as flat and level as possible.
Where the times cross, bend straight upwards
You might want to bend back the ends so nothing sharp is at the end.
Tape the two long straight upwards tines together, Use a lot of tape so it will be a little bit safer if there is such a thing.

Step 3:

Your done. Put the paper towels on the stand in an out of the way place or where there are no kids around.

Step 4: Another Use:

We reused this instructable for our

Step 5: Bonus: Paperclip Note Stand.

If you have any coatnager metal rod left over you can can make this neat paperclip stand.

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